Tell me what you need and we will work together to fill your ideas with strokes and colour.

So… May I help you? 

Animation &

Video Games

2D Animation, Storyboard, Animatik, Character Design, Concept Art ...

Illustration &

Graphic Design

A wide range of styles for any kind of products and platforms:

Story books, Blogs, Webs...

Comic &


I love making other kind of progects as Comics, Murals or anything you may propose.

Igor Ramos Peula

About me:

Like freelance artist I try to get every customer´s goal. I love my job and I try to improve my skills every day.

Althought being a freelance I think that the best part of this industry is the teamwork, helping one each other to overcome every new challenge.


Contact me:

(+34) 695 425 621